Taller Inaugural

Expositor: Hernán Barahona es Ph.D. (c) por la Universidad de Stanford. Sus áreas de interés son organización industrial, economía pública y la economía del desarrollo.

Seminario: "Bad Taste: Gender Discrimination in the Consumer Credit Market"

“Public good or public "bad"? Indigenous institutions, nation building, and the demand for road infrastructure in Mexico”

"The Asymmetric Pass-Through of Sovereign Risk"

“When Does Education Promote Democracy? Evidence from Curriculum Reforms in Mexico”

Must-Have Items

“The grievances of a failed reform: Chilean land reform and conflict with indigenous communities”

“Slave Resistance, Cultural Transmission, and Brazil’s Long-Run Economic Development”

“From Plantations to Prisons: The Legacy of Slavery on Black Incarceration in the US”